2018 Year of the ROBO

January, 3 2018 | Michael

invessence newsWake up and smell the coffee! The “Uber-ization”use of technical tools for clients of financial services continues to gain traction, as Drew Taylor convincingly describes in “To Robo or Not to Robo Is NOT the Question in 2018,” published in iris.

This is not an all-or-nothing decision. No two financial firms are exactly alike, which means that no two firms will have the same needs in adopting new technology. Every aspect of a digital platform/robo-advisor can be onboarded implemented on an à la carte basis.

Do you need help with paperless automatic account opening? How about rebalancing, planning and data aggregation, portfolio modeling and rebalancing? All of these and more can be easily adopted to help you build your practice, become much more efficient, and stay relevant to your customers by making things easier for them and you.

The Invessence team is here to help with all your digital platform needs.