DyMynd and Invessence Team Up to Engage Advisers with ‘Invisible’ Investors

January, 2 2016 | Prashant Mehta

DyMynd-Logo_HiResOnline survey developed to improve experience for groups who are opting out, self-directing.

CHICAGO, December 10, 2014 –DyMynd™ and Invessence™, boutique financial services firms that work with institutions and advisers to improve market engagement, announce they have teamed up to apply research-driven solutions to bridge relationship gaps between digital advisers and today’s tech-savvy investors.

Women, minorities and Millennials are opting out of traditional client-adviser models at a faster rate, said DyMynd™ founder and CEO Carolyn Leonard. “They are invisible. A lot of institutions don’t even see them as customers,” she added.

DyMynd™ has developed the free Financial Identity Assessment tool exclusively for Invessence.com to gauge investors’ perceptions, wants and desires. Participants will receive a free analysis of their investor profile; advisers will benefit from research-based solutions to engaging new customers.

“There is a significant opportunity to take the results of the survey, enhance the online experience and help advisers attract new clients through our configurable technology,” said Chris Lengle, chief strategy officer, Invessence™. “The goal is to cultivate a pool of advisers who are more in tune withhow investors like to do business and what they care about.”

An emerging trend Lengle identified is Millennials who stand to inherit wealth from their Baby Boomer parents and grandparents. A key differentiator for digital advisers will be the overall experience they are able to provide their clients.

“The generation of Millennials represents 90 million consumers coming of age and with whom asset management is really starting to resonate,” said Mary Lou Giustini, founding partner of Invessence™. “This type of financial advisory knowledge is a solution that’s here to stay.”

Invessence™ was founded in 2012 to simplify investing by providing high-value, low-cost professional investment management technology for financial advisers and planners. Visit www.invessence.com.

DyMynd™, a research and thought leadership platform focused on improving relationships between financial institutions and female clients, recently released the results of its Money Isn’t A Dirty Four-Letter Word roundtable discussions with Chicago-area high net-worth women, identifying what women want in finance. Visit www.dymynd.com.