Embrace Artificial Intelligence

December, 12 2017 | Michael

Artificial intelligence (AI) is seeping into every aspect of modern life. Like other technologies that we have come to take for granted, it is in use on a daily basis all around us. It’s behind Google’s ubiquitous search engine and powers the Google Maps analysis of the speed of traffic to suggest faster routes to and from work. Facebook uses AI to identify and tag friends in pictures, as well as to personalize our news feeds. Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest all use AI.

So do numerous other companies beyond those in social media. IBM’s Watson has been used in the medical community for many years to aid lung cancer diagnoses. The technology in self-driving cars uses machine learning. Many people may not realize that they are talking to an AI “chatbot” on many retail sites.

As Nishant Kumar describes in this article, “How AI Will Invade Every Corner of Wall Street,“ we are moving quickly to a time when machine learning will “have a hand in 99 percent of investing.”

Invessence uses automated technologies to provide our powerful platform for the wealth management community. We urge the embrace of AI as it continues to permeate into the financial world, making day-to-day tasks more efficient and freeing you to concentrate on adding to your bottom line.

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