Invessence levels the playing field between robot and financial advisor.

November, 29 2015 | Prashant Mehta


laptop7The rapid growth and funding of online investment advisors called ‘robo-advisors’, reflects a strong demand for low cost, simplified investment management services. Building off their momentum, a firm called Invessence is now arming the best human advisors with the best robot technology.

New York, NY (PRWEB) August 25, 2014 – Invessence, as in “the essence of investing”, is an early stage financial technology company that has launched a new investment management platform for financial planners and advisors. It automates the client on-boarding, portfolio construction, and rebalancing process into a streamlined end-to-end solution. The firm prefers to work with advisors that provide a holistic approach to wealth management that encompasses multiple disciplines – financial planning, investments, retirement, insurance, tax, estate, and credit management. The technology is used specifically for the investment management portion of an advisor’s business model.

“Our goal is not to replace the human interaction but leverage technology to advise, manage, and service investors who want next-generation investment management from their advisors,” said Jigar Vyas, President of Invessence. Invessence is taking the robot technology and customizing it for advisors by allowing them to select the investment mix, set target exposures, and adjusting the expected risk/return profile.

Sam McPherson, a Brooklyn based financial advisor and CEO of McPherson Financial Advisors, Inc., shares a similar view on how the technology and human advisor will merge. “I run an independent practice and provide comprehensive financial planning to individuals and businesses. I rely on technologies like Invessence that can help streamline my business, save me time, and better serve my clients. For example, the time I spend on rebalancing a client’s portfolio across multiple accounts and platforms, is extremely time consuming and tedious. A platform like Invessence automates this task for me.”

Invessence not only sees opportunity working with investment advisors and financial planners but is exploring partnerships with larger financial institutions, including banks and brokerage firms. “The new technology is a powerful tool that is driving costs out of the investment equation and benefiting the end consumer,” said Christopher Lengle, Chief Business Strategist at Invessence. “It was only a matter of time before the rest of the financial industry realized the trend and jumped on board.”

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Invessence, Inc., is a registered investment adviser and provider of innovative financial technology solutions designed to advise, manage and service investors who want next-generation investment services from their financial institutions.