JReport 15.5: Advanced Web Reporting

July, 23 2018 | Prashant Mehta


Jinfonet Software, the leading embedded analytics and reporting software provider, announces the general availability of JReport 15.5. The latest release offers highly precise and fast responding reports on large data sets. Report developers and business users also benefit from a streamlined user experience with new workflows for design and interaction.

Enhanced Web Reporting. JReport’s banded objects are now available in web reports for easily designing complex reports with sophisticated layouts. A new template design interface supports a multitude of content types. Each band can contain charts, tables, crosstabs, and more. They can also be arranged with absolute positioning for a precise design.

Performance Gains. The stages of query processing, data retrieval and rendering all get further performance improvements. JReport 15.5 features a Smart Query engine that automatically breaks down large queries into smaller sub-queries for star schema databases. This results in substantially reduced data access times. Next, a new lazy algorithm for in-memory cube creation provides the option to quickly create baseline in-memory cubes where additional measure data are built on required dimensions in an as-needed fashion. Finally, rendering large crosstabs are pipelined where visible areas are displayed before off-screen areas to achieve a faster response.

Extending Embeddability. JReport 15.5 provides even more ways to embed the functionalities of JReport Server into applications. JReport’s JavaScript API now enables embedding any part of the JReport console, such as resource lists, user management, and others, into the application UI. Additional embeddable modules are available through JavaScript and RESTful APIs.

JReport 15.5 also provides fast native access through MongoDB native query, and new data connectivity to Elasticsearch and Snowflake, as well as support for Docker container environments.

“Developers are constantly challenged with solving sophisticated reporting and dashboard requirements. They look for the right tools to deliver precise reporting and analytics that are also high performance and scalable. JReport 15.5 now brings to web reporting the high level of complexity handling we’ve always been known for,” said Dr. Bing Yao, CEO of Jinfonet Software. “We look forward to continuing our mission of offering world class embedding, customization and scaling analytics in easy to use interfaces.”

“The highly customizable and sophisticated nature of JReport 15.5 complements our existing value proposition as we have expanded our business globally,” said Jigar Vyas, CEO of Invessence. “Integrating JReport’s analytics and reporting software with our digital wealth management platform gives advisory firms greater insight into their client’s financial situation and provides a more proactive service model.”