NYDLA Podcast featuring Jigar Vyas of Invessence

May, 26 2016 | Prashant Mehta


The New York Distance Learning Association aims to be the premier remote work, distance/digital learning and collaboration association in the United States and beyond. Whether it is via satellite, video conferencing, online, offline or other means of distribution, NYDLA will provide the latest information about technology development, collaboration, design and application in our at anytime, anywhere global collaboration world.

The NYDLA mission: To support a global forum dedicated to the exchange of ideas and information between corporate, academic, and government professionals, concerning the issues and technological changes in the field of Digital, Distance or “e-Learning” and evangelize how TBLS (Technology Based Learning Systems) can be utilized to improve human performance. At its core, the NYDLA epitomizes the fusion of knowledge, technology and talent on a global basis.

To listen to the podcast visit: http://stme.in/kchqQ4f6g