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Comprehensive Advisory Platform

Open architecture investment platform with streamlined client and account management.

Lead Generation Alerts

For life insurance, annuities, financial and estate planning.

Client Data Analytics

Gain insight into your customer base.

Automated Trading and Rebalancing

Monitor your investment strategies, custom account settings and trading triggers.

Tax-Optimized Portfolio Management

Create different allocations for taxable and non-taxable accounts.

Record Keeping

Maintain and control access to client data.

Control User Access

Provide varying levels of access for employees based on responsibilities.

For Financial Advisors

Decrease time spent analyzing financial data. Spend less time on operational tasks and more time on servicing your clients. Manage a greater range of account sizes.

For Investors

Lower your overall cost to invest through technology. Personalized investment portfolios based on your input.

Unique Algorithm

Robust investing algorithm able to incorporate multiple asset classes, strategies, themes, risk parameters and types of securities.

Tax Loss Harvesting

Automated process for improving the after-tax return of your taxable investments.

Personalized Risk Assessment

A portfolio designed for your unique needs, goals and risk tolerance.

Account Management

View account balances, asset allocation, performance, and statements.

Tablet/Mobile Access

Mobile ready technology and app creation available.

Goal Based Tracking

Create and track the performance of your investment versus a personal or lifestyle goal.

Account Aggregation

Holistic view of your accounts across different custodians.